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Many American companies take environmental sustainability issues seriously and work hard to reduce its environmental footprint and make the world a better place to live in. The greatest example of such companies is Macy's, one of the top online retailers in the USA featuring around 800 department stores across the country. Specializing in providing a wide selection of quality style merchandise for women, men and kids Macy's also does its best to reduce its impact on the environment, and stays committed to reducing energy use and recycling more of the waste generated by the company operations.
The company has achieved a number of tangible results so far. For example, Macy's increased solar energy with a total of 74 active installations at numerous store locations at year-end 2014, and plans to develop another 44. The company also installed over 1.1 million LED lamps in about 800 Macy's stores. These steps enabled the company to decrease electric consumption by more than 35 percent in Macy's stores since 2002.
Due to a 600 Kilowatt Bloom Energy server (a solid oxide fuel cell) that replaces the bulk of the grid energy at the company's Cheshire, CT, fulfillment center Macy's has managed to reduce CO2 emissions by about 35 percent.
In its efforts to introduce new practices to minimize its environmental impact Macy's has replaced its peanuts packing materials into air sheets, which provide the same level of protection for purchases in a more sustainable way. Sometimes customers may receive peanuts in a package, but it means that the company has reused them from a vendor rather than put them in a landfill.
Macy's decided to switch to air sheets because they require 75% less packaging than peanuts. In its turn, less packaging means smaller boxes and reduced cardboard waste. Smaller packaging frees more room on delivery trucks & fewer trips, which decreases air pollution. Air sheets are recyclable and are easier to dispose of than peanuts.
In addition to using recyclable packaging Macy's also offers eco-friendly bags made from 100% recycled paper which can be reused and recycled again. The customers can also purchase reusable tote bags for just $1.50 and help reduce paper waste even more.
As part of the company's sustainability program designed to eliminate wasteful behavior, Macy's works hard to reduce its use of limited resources and is looking for the most eco-friendly solutions. In 2013, according to Macy's report, the company's annual solar production constituted 17,603,055 kilowatt hours of energy enough to power 1,709 homes annually! That year the company also produced less waste and recycled 79.8 tons of day-to-day work materials, including cardboard, plastic, hangers, pallets, paper and more. The bulk of the marketing paper used is FSC-certified, and over 10 million Macy's customers supported the company's initiative to offer e-receipts instead of paper ones! Macy's has eliminated 70 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions by shipping directly from its vendors, transporting by rail and practicing backhauling.
Macy's, Inc. is devoted to giving back to the communities Macy's stores serve. Believing that stronger and healthier communities provide better environments for customers to live and work Macy's has always been encouraging charitable giving and employee volunteerism in the local communities throughout the country and at the national level.
Founded in 1858 Macy's has been offering name-brand merchandise along with unsurpassed shopping experience and iconic events. It is one of the oldest national retailers providing 14,000 products to choose from, meeting the needs of the customers and satisfying even the most exact shoppers. Every week Macy's features exciting promotions and enticing deals customers can access using Macy's Promo Codes.

Water Bottle Bowling made of empty plastic water bottles turned into brightly painted "pins" for a fun, eco-minded game;

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ProjectEarth - Earth Day

The following ideas have been used successfully for Earth Day in different communities and cities. They will be a good start for you as well.

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