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To honor Earth Day Groupon is supporting eco-friendly campaigns with two major initiatives: the launch of Groupon Grassroots and the Groupon Challenge with CrowdRise, with Edward Norton, actor and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity as a co-founder. Groupon Grassroots is the latest initiative of Groupon's social giving and a new way to contribute to local causes, partner with others and lend a helping hand.
Grassroots supporters now have an opportunity to positively impact their community in ways they couldn't do in the past, like donating to plant a community garden or fix a neighborhood playground. To commemorate Earth Day and the program's upgrade, Groupon Grassroots will organize 50 environmental campaigns and fund each with a $1,000 grant.
Groupon has an amazing platform consisting of over 33 million active global customers to encourage citizens to act and positively impact the communities. Groupon Grassroots has also partnered with CrowdRise to join forces to increase awareness, generate enthusiasm for environmental sustainability and further extend the Earth Day celebration. CrowdRise was founded in 2010 by Edward Norton who offered a modern approach to charity and tried to make it fun to give to nonprofit organizations. Now consumers can take the Groupon Challenge by visiting CrowdRise and donating to a cause of their choice. The campaign that raises the biggest sum of money through May 15 will be awarded with an extra $25,000 from Groupon, while the second-and third-highest fundraising campaigns during the month will be awarded with $15,000 and $10,000, respectively.
Such events prove that when people take collective action it matters and people are able to affect positive changes in their daily choices, as well as affect the pace of change directly supporting the organizations committed to working for environmental health. Groupon is doing a great job by encouraging purchasing eco-friendly products as well as directly supporting donations on Groupon Grassroots and offering funds for groups that raise the most on Groupon Earth Day Challenge on CrowdRise.
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Water Bottle Bowling made of empty plastic water bottles turned into brightly painted "pins" for a fun, eco-minded game;

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The following ideas have been used successfully for Earth Day in different communities and cities. They will be a good start for you as well.

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