Effective Recycling Practices

Recycling Plastic BottlesIt is not a secret that recycling helps protect the environment and makes the world a better place to live in. In Europe there are many effective recycling systems and one of them is Pfand System successfully used in Germany. One of the leading countries deeply committed to sustainability practices Germany has introduced a number of effective systems that encourage recycling. One of them is the famous Pfand System designed to facilitate recycling and motivate consumers to recycle or reuse cans and bottles, both glass and plastic ones. The customers are encouraged to bring back to the store the bottles that had been bought there. The bottles will then be destroyed or cleaned and then reused. Pfand System has become very popular among German customers because it is very easy to return the bottles and the consumers are financially rewarded for doing this. All supermarkets feature machines called the "Pfandautomat" where the empty bottles have to be put. After placing the bottles into the machine the customer gets a receipt that he or she will show to the cashier to have the deposit value reduced from the sum of money he has to pay. All the bottles are classified as einweg that are used just once and then destroyed and mehrweg bottles that will get cleaned to be refilled. This recycling system is very popular throughout the country. In a city supermaket about 3, 500 bottles and cans are returned daily, and over 3,000 a week in rural areas.
The USA also tops the list of the countries that take environmental sustainability seriously. Many stores have established recycling kiosks where customers can put plastic bottles, bags and other recyclable items absolutely free. Each year the businesses and non-profit organizations in the USA celebrate Earth Day by organizing various contests and other projects designed to help conserve resources and protect the environment. Environmentalists encourage local communities to participate in various initiatives in hopes to make them a regular practice.

Water Bottle Bowling made of empty plastic water bottles turned into brightly painted "pins" for a fun, eco-minded game;

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ProjectEarth - Earth Day

The following ideas have been used successfully for Earth Day in different communities and cities. They will be a good start for you as well.

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