How Will You Help in Protecting Our Environment?

The biggest question of them all should be - how can you help protect our nature? Everyone of us should be concerned with the preservation of our environment. We all need to be taking action to reduce our carbon footprints. Our future depends on it. We need less destruction of the environment and more preservation. Everyone can do their part through simple life changes everyday. If each one of us did a small part it could add up in a very big way.
ProjectEarth Save Energy, Turn OFF The Light To aid in the preservation of our planet a list of suggested tips to reduce your carbon footprint have been listed below:
- Turn off every light when you exit a room. If no one is in the room then there is no need to waste energy by leaving the lights on. This same idea goes for appliances too. Unplug your appliances, cellphone chargers, cameras, computers and other electronics.
- Recycle by using reusable canvas bags instead of plastic bags while shopping. This also goes for using a metal or glass reusable water bottle instead of a plastic one you will throw away each time. Less plastic equals less pollution.
ProjectEarth a Tree Planting - Carpool! Our cars omit pollution into our air every time we drive. If we are able to reduce the amount of cars on the road everyday by car pooling we can one day breath in cleaner air. Think of how much healthier the world would be as a whole. So, carpool with a neighboring coworker to work or with a friend to school.
- Buy locally grown food. This aids in the maximization of regional food self-sufficiently. It also protects our prime agricultural areas.
- Plant a tree to improve air quality. If you can't car pool to increase our air cleanliness then plant a tree instead. This not only aids our air but it also replaces one of the millions of trees cut down every year.
- Purchase energy sufficient appliances like washers and dryers.
ProjectEarth Energy Consumption - Use energy sufficient fluorescent light bulbs and make sure to use natural lighting whenever possible. Blinds are an energy efficient way to reduce heat and create light. Plus, this reduces the use of air conditioners.
- Buy organic fruits and vegetables that are made without fertilizer and pesticides that are harmful to our environment. These inorganic compounds have harmful effects on our natural biodiversity and ecosystems.
- Walk or ride your bike whenever possible! This aids our air in the same way carpooling does through the immediate reduction of pollution output.
ProjectEarth Ride Your Bike Whenever Possible - Do not litter! When you litter you build up the worlds waste output. Instead reuse, recycle, and reduce the waste you put out into the world.
- Conserve our water supply. The world is in a major drought. Now is the time more then ever to watch your water usage. This is as simple as turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Time your showers or try taking a bath instead of a shower all together.
- Eat less meat. You could never guess it but by consuming less meat you will also be conserving our water supply. The farmed animals that we slaughter consume tens of thousands of gallons of water every year. When we consume less meat we discourage the meat industry from producing high amounts of meat.
ProjectEarth a Leaky Faucet - Use rainwater to water your house hold plants. Obviously one needs rain in order for this to work but take advantage of this opportunity every time it does. This will aid in our water conservation in the long run.
- Use your air conditioner and heater responsibly. Both of these units use excess amounts of energy to work -please be mindful of this. Once your room/home is heated or cooled to a reasonable temperature please shut off the unit.
- Donate to environmental protection organizations like the WWF! This could be the easiest action of them all - with a click of the mouse or the paste of a stamp on an envelope you could donate to the cause of bettering our environment. Even just a little donation could go a very long way.
As you can see there are MANY simple steps that we could all be taking every single day to help reduce our carbon footprint on the world. These steps are not painstaking and our future children will thank us. Doesn't that matter to you? Use this knowledge to educate your fellow classmates, colleagues, friends, and family. Make sure your voice is heard. Preservation not destruction is key.

Water Bottle Bowling made of empty plastic water bottles turned into brightly painted "pins" for a fun, eco-minded game;

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ProjectEarth - Earth Day

The following ideas have been used successfully for Earth Day in different communities and cities. They will be a good start for you as well.

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